Little Book of Little Perfections

Lucy Laurita, a WCEI Victoria member, created something to lift us up.

‘This visually inspiring pop art book takes you along your own nostalgic journey. The heroic, universal figure of a woman will inspire a new level of connection within yourself and other women within your circle.’

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#Breakthebias today & everyday!

As an Asian Australian senior executive with lived experience, I have experienced many forms of stereotypes and biases throughout my career. IWD is a great reminder that we are grateful of the achievements of those who came before us & appreciative of those who stand beside us now, and forging the way for those who will come after.
Our experiences shape who we are. We need to take conscious action on a DAILY basis. From our spoken words to our chosen actions, every little gesture & behaviour makes a difference in breaking the bias. Culture does not make people. Rather, people make culture and we need to ‘walk this talk’ together and on a daily basis. I encourage you to commit to #speakthebias, smash stereotypes, break inequality and reject discrimination – today and everyday for a progressive community! There is power we bring together when we celebrate together – today and everyday!

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Supporting Women in Business – former Ambassador Susan Coles shares lessons from her career with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

Learn how DFAT helps women in business both inside and outside Australia.

Have you ever wondered what DFAT does and how this knowledge can be of benefit to your business? Even better – what does an Australian Ambassador do? Susan Coles is a WCEI member and has been both the Deputy Director of DFAT in Victoria and the Australian Ambassador to Mauritius & the Indian Ocean Islands.

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Mentoring Inspired by COVID

During the last year, while largely in lockdown, it became evident that we have extraordinary experience, resourcefulness, and resilience within our Victorian WCEI community. Yet often we look outward for knowledge, content and guidance from others. It inspired an idea to tap into the gold of our own high calibre members.

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The Seven Biggest Challenges we Face as Women in Business

In March 2021 WCEI Victoria members reconnected in person for the first time since 2019. Designed to make you feel like you are in someone’s home, Lumas Gallery beautifully showcases fine art prints and photography from around the world. It provided the ideal space to relax, reconnect and discuss the biggest challenges women face in business.

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A Sensational Mix

This is a story of art, entrepreneurship, reinvention and creativity.
Three WCEI members Pia Du Pradal, Catherine Baudet and Katrina Goldsworthy will tell the story of how they used their entrepreneurial skills to create new businesses incorporating their passion for art.

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