WCEI member Margaret Campbell-Ryder shares an insight into the latest show at Red Hill Gallery

Featuring well known Brisbane artist David Hinchliffe, this month’s exhibition, ‘BIG and small’, Hinchliffe represents comfortingly familiar pieces in unison with wild and vast new landscapes. This milestone event marks Hinchliffe’s 100th solo show. It is a true testament to the incredible talent that has made him a master sharing the beauty of life through his paintings. 

Hinchliffe’s skills of capturing moments in their best light allows the moment to live longer in our memory, sometimes better than we imagine. The subjects range from large scale to small scale landscapes that highlight the vibrancy of the world 

around us, whether it be in our backyards or across the world. 

‘BIG and small‘ officially opened on Friday 8 October at Red Hill Gallery. The evening quickly reached capacity, packed with art admirers celebrating the artist’s work. David gave an artist talk on the evening to give insight into his journey through life and with art. 

To add to the success of the opening weekend, David gave live painting 

demonstrations that drew art lovers and collectors alike who came to witness the master creating his work. 

Hinchliffe moves seamlessly between scenes that command attention and calm intimacy, a snapshot into a transient instance of bliss. His trademark luminous landscapes transport the viewer to the setting, capturing the atmospheric visuals and sounds of a landscape. The relationship between people and their surroundings is subtly captured as people and the environment share a harmonious co-existence. As well as the relationship between people and the built environment, notably revealing their awe-inducing scale and sense of history.

Ultimately, David Hinchliffe’s ‘BIG & small’ is a dedication to the fleeting moments that turn into a blissful memory. The exhibition will be showing until 29 October at Red Hill Gallery. Have a look at David’s work on our website at www.redhillgallery.com.au. Find us at 61 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill QLD or give us a call on 07 0 3368 1442 for more information. 

– Margaret Campbell-Ryder Director Red Hill Gallery 

Have a look at David’s work on our website at www.redhillgallery.com.au . Find us at 61 Musgrave Rd, Red Hill QLD or give us a call on 07 0 3368 1442 for more information. 

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