Our Vision

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WCEI is the 'go to' organisation for:


  • High calibre women in business.

  • An active and effective voice for issues relevant to our members.

  • Leveraging the power of our many international networks.

Our Values

Ambitious Leaders:

WCEI values women with ambition.

Global Perspective:

WCEI values and leverages our local, national and international connections.


WCEI values connections between members and their communities across all sectors, including our alliances.


WCEI values the power of influence and the positive difference we can make universally.


WCEI values women of substance.

Becoming A Member

Contact your WCEI State President

Members of WCEI

Membership is by invitation only, after proposal by a current member to the Council of the relevant State or Territory.

Potential WCEI Members are nominated by existing WCEI Members to the Division Member Committees for approval.

To contact your WCEI State President click here.

Our Partners

WCEI is connected globally

International Connections

WCEI Australia is affiliated with the international network known as Les Femmes Chefs d’Enterprises Mondiales and is also affiliated with or holds membership with a number of international organisations which share our beliefs, values and passions.

We also participate in a range of events and educational opportunities with partner organisations as well as holding regular events around Australia.