Change your mindset to embrace future thinking and change

Learn how your mindset may be holding you back or creating success in your life and business.  Understand why you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

On 5th November, 2021, WCEI member Rachael Downie presented a webinar to Australian members on how to change your mindset to embrace future changes in your life and business; embrace change and be disruptive. 

The level of thinking that created your business, that worked in your business this year isn’t going to be the same thinking that you will require for your business moving forward.

Instead of staying in the current situation at hand you will need to look at creating opportunities and solutions that will help you to move forward 

This is where you want to understand the mindset and  the intention behind what you are doing.  

I truly believe that the outcomes in your business are a result of 95% mindset 5 % strategy. Whether you can or think you can’t you are right.  You can have the best strategic plan but are you implementing it?  You know what you need to be doing, but are you actually doing it, are your staff doing it? 

It is understanding what your mindset is and how it contributes to the success of your business and life.  This is where an understanding of paradigms is required.  A paradigm is a series of beliefs, ideas, values and habits that is a way of thinking about the real world. A paradigm is from other people’s habits passed, on from generation to generation and from our environment.  The paradigm resides in our subconscious and is responsible for around 96% of our behaviour and  96 % of our behaviour is subconscious and automatic. 

Your paradigms control everything. How you manage your business, your job, your money, your health, your relationships with yourself, your partner, your family, your staff; it’s all controlled by your paradigms.   Your paradigm controls your ability to earn money, your perception, your use of time, your creativity, your productivity and effectiveness and your logic. 

You want to understand your paradigms, your staff paradigms, the successful ones and the ones that are holding you and your business back. 


  • I have to work hard. 
    • I believe in myself.  I am not good enough. 
    • I cant afford it.  I can afford it. 
    • I don’t have enough time. I have all the time I need. 

If you keep thinking the same thoughts, having the same feelings and performing the same behaviours that lead to the same experiences at the same exact time you begin to cause your brain to fire in the exact same sequence, with the exact same patterns.  ( Dr Jo Dispenza) 

Over time you begin to hardwire your brain into the same finite pattern doing the same thing.  Seeing the same people, having the same experiences, being locked into a routine. 

For the most part you are hard wired to do the same thing. 

If you are hard wired to do the same thing then you have to be disruptive in your business, to think in new ways, and to encourage your staff to do the same thing. Remembering that each individual has their own paradigms, habits, beliefs and behaviours that limit or create success. 

One of the key things for mindset is confidence – you can never have enough and it isn’t something that you can buy over the counter. If you have been hard wired to feel insecure then your body is going to release these chemicals in your body. If you have an insecure thought, in a manner of seconds you would begin to feel insecure, you would begin to have more insecure thoughts which causes you to feel more insecure.  

When you have an insecure thought, you feel it and you think it again and you do this over and over and before you know it 10 years have passed.  This is the same for guilt, same for self-sabotage, for procrastination and the same for all the good stuff and success in your business as well.

You may have staff members who continue to turn up to meetings unable to contribute, stumbling over words who aren’t performing the best they can because they have been hard wired to feel a certain way, which affects their behaviour and their results.  Understanding the impact that changing mindset can have will create a different result for the individual and ultimately the business. 

You want to get your brain to work in new and unusual ways so that you make new connections and pathways in your brain to help you create the new model moving forward in your business and personal life. 

Moving forward you want to become aware of what you do that creates the success in your life and what sabotages it.  How this is occurring in your organisation and what you need to do to encourage others create shifts in thinking personally and professionally  

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model

that makes the existing model obsolete.”

R Buckminster Fuller

Be disruptive and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Tap into your ideas and override the previous thinking and feelings to create your future reality for yourself and your business.

Rachael works with a variety of individuals, businesses and CEOs both locally and internationally – simply because we all have the same blockages, doubts, limited thinking, money and staffing issues. (And if you don’t, you are probably one of the 3% who is an unconscious competent, who may find it difficult to transfer your success skills to your staff or family). Rachael is the author of The Secret Million Dollar Paradigm and Humble Leaders (Co-contributor) 

You can find out more on her website

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