Meaghan South

Co-President WCEI Victoria

Meaghan is a pioneer in the Australian Spa industry, with over 28 years’ experience in developing, owning and operating some of Australia’s leading Spas and Medispas, as well as consulting with key Spa development projects.

She has experience in all areas of spa development, operations and mentoring and has mastered the key industry issues: designing soul-connecting spa experiences, developing high-performing teams and creating operational systems that leave operators more time to do what they do best.

Meaghan developed and owned Australia’s first 5 star Day Spa, The Dome Retreat, and was recently the mastermind behind the new KAILO Medispa at The Calile Hotel in Brisbane. She is now focussed on collaborating with clients who who want to create the next generation of Wellness destinations that include both ancient wisdoms and the latest technologies.

Meaghan is studying to be a Wellness Coach, with a passion for supporting women to live in the new way; with balance and vitality while reaching their full business and personal potential.