Ali Uren

Founder and Director Kiikstart

The key purpose of Kiikstart is to build stronger businesses and leaders that are better positioned to meet the changing needs of the clients and future markets. To be more confident and equipped to innovate off the back of skill gaps, threats and risks.

Kiikstart works with clients to deliver modern, innovative project based learning starting with strategy through to the execution of ideas.

Our clients regardless of size, aim to be the pace setters and influencers in their industries and keep ahead of the game. Ali Uren has worked with over 2000 individuals and 60 plus businesses who are wanting to re-design how they work for better outcomes in changing conditions.

Much of our work is how to successfully imbed change and technology into workplaces with a strong focus on building robust talent within the skills needed for success beyond 2022.

As the founder and Director of Kiikstart Ali has designed and facilitated transformative projects for Coca Cola through to leadership projects for women in Australia’s regional and outback communities.