WCEI QLD – Wednesday 17 July 2019

…The skill of pitching is the single most essential skill every successful leader in every successful business must possess. We pitch ourselves constantly – to new clients, for venture capital, to sell new products and services, to our teams, for a promotion or a seat on the board.  Unfortunately, most people can’t pitch effectively and miss the opportunity to make an impactful, clear and memorable impression on their audience.  Even with the best business, product, concept or service, if you don’t know what you want to say or how to say it, you can’t make the connections and have the influence you need to move forward. 

We are thrilled to be bringing global expert in making cut-through impressions and creating impactful communications, Marion “Maz” Farrelly, to Brisbane to deliver this must-attend event.  

This inspirational and educational workshop is ideal for business owners, managers and emerging leaders and comes with the full endorsement of all Women Chiefs members who attended the WCEI forum in Hobart last year, where we heard Maz speak and we were privileged to experience a snippet of her workshop methods.
Maz’s workshop will help you to: Nail your elevator pitchKnow, understand and explain your unique selling pointUnderstand what’s keeping your customer awake at nightExplain why you are the solutionCommunicate this to the people that matter to youDeliver your information in a way that is simple to understand, compelling, resonates and sticksEnsure you and your product or service are unforgettable – in the best way Deliver information that STICKS – the single most important skill in businessWatch Maz here!

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