How to Build Business Resilience Through Digital Adaptation – Stories From the Frontline

WCEI members Liz Ward and Tracy Sheen have joined forces for this educational event so they can share their valuable knowledge and inspire you with proven digital tools that will help you to have a stronger, more resilient and future-proofed business. 

Both Tracy and Liz are grateful for how their businesses have thrived during COVID.  That is due to the accelerated rate of digitisation in the marketplace, so people can continue to connect, work and shop, creating an increased demand by businesses for their coaching and advisory services.  It is also because they know how to use digital technologies smartly to market and operate their own businesses. 

Hear how these two in-demand digital strategists have been guiding businesses on the practical use of digital tools and best practices to navigate the unprecedented business environment in which we are operating and to develop a more competitive and profitable business for the future.