WCEI QLD – Sat 7 September 2019

Exclusive Exhibition Viewing and Artist Discussion

On behalf of Women Chiefs member, Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, I am very pleased to invite you to an exclusive viewing and discussion with Kathryn, about her exhibition titled  “Occupied Landscapes: Evidence of Drones”.

“Occupied Landscapes: Evidence of Drones” poses questions about how landscape is perceived in the age of the drone, the era of persistent surveillance and the epoch of increasingly autonomous systems. The paintings in the exhibition are informed by Kathryn’s long-term interests in landscape, age-old symbols and existential risk posed by emerging technologies. Her work is also informed by research into accelerating developments in contemporary militarised technology. This research was undertaken as a part of Kathryn’s Master of Philosophy [M.Phil], completed in 2017 at the University of Queensland.  

More information is available here.

Kathryn is exclusively hosting WCEI members and a guest for a complimentary viewing of her exhibition. This also includes an up close and personal discussion with Kathryn about her ideas and research that define this exhibition. Number of registrations for this event is limited to 30.

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