Andrea Plawutsky

Amplify Me – Founder and Director

WCEI – National President – Co-Chair, International Committee
Strategy, Communications & China Specialist International Travel & Tourism Consultant.

Andrea Plawutsky specialises in strategic marketing, communications and consulting services that help ‘Amplify’ travel and tourism businesses. A consummate communicator and lover of all things travel and tourism, she has a diverse skill set and background, and is a passionate Sinophile.

She possesses a thorough understanding of the tourism industry across multiple sectors and facets, including national and regional tourism organisations, hospitality and accommodation, travel agencies, wholesalers, tour operators, global distribution systems (GDS), airlines, insurance providers and agritourism.

Andrea is experienced in delivering tourism, marketing, communications and public relations strategies, stakeholder engagement and facilitation, reviews and assessments of operating environments to find efficiencies and optimal structures.

Possessing a longstanding interest in China since 1988, Andrea translates her expertise into insights and mentoring for the tourism industry.

Andrea is involved with several not for profit boards and community organisations, including Beehive Industries and a former NSW President of WCEI. She is currently Co-Chair of WCEI’s International Committee.

In 2019, Andrea was acknowledged for her efforts in supporting women in enterprise, receiving a ‘World of Difference Award’ from The International Alliance for Women (TIAW).