A Sensational Mix

Mix a dose of:

Painted watercolour topographies, 

Painted acrylic & kangaroo hide, 

Painted indigenous artworks



This is a story of art, entrepreneurship, reinvention and creativity.  

Three WCEI members Pia Du Pradal, Catherine Baudet and Katrina Goldsworthy will tell the story of how they used their entrepreneurial skills to create new businesses incorporating their passion for art.

 “On Friday evening 21st   & Saturday 22nd May WCEI members Pia Du Pradal, Catherine Baudet and Katrina Goldsworthy shared delightful stories with WCEI members and guests in Pia’s gallery on Park Road, Milton, about how their creative journeys culminated in their collaborative exhibition.

Catherine’s journey developed from her career as an architect, constantly drawing and often incorporating artworks by herself or other artists in her building projects. A desire to try other creative endevours led her to painting. As she travelled frequently and has family living overseas, she saw a a gap in the market for a truly bespoke Australian gift and embarked on what she terms the “Scarf Project”.  Her  Australian landscape paintings have been printed on silk and manufactured into luxurious silk scarves. She continues to paint and has further scarves in mind. Her iconic paintings are aerials, similar to site plans, which engage the viewer and create an appreciation of place and home in a broader somewhat abstract context.

Katrina’s early life was as a grazier on a large cattle propery in western Queensland. She is passionate about the Australian Rural Industry, in particular the beef industry. Her fury at the sudden knee jerk decision to ban live exports which drastically affected many of her fellow graziers gave her a determination to showcase and promote the beef industry. She started painting portraits of bulls on kangaroo hide for mostly men who purchased magnificent prize studs to produce the highest quality beef.  The paintings are the only ones of their kind in the world. The painted bulls are like a mirror image with every fold and hair painstakingly painted in acrylic and stitched into the kangaroo hide.  

She trades as The Bull Artist

Pia came to Australia from Africa as an anthropologist – a field that had limited employment opportunities and turned her hand to couture to service the rapidly growing sector of corporate business women. Her designs have been seen on many high profile women around the country for 30 years and she is most well known for dressing Dame Quentin Bryce when she was governor of Queensland and then went on to become the Governor General.  She created a range of corporate clothes that were climate friendly, elegant, comfortable yet feminie- she was a leader in her field and her range truly suited corporate women.  Her love of indigenous art works and her history as an anthropologist, culminated in commissioning indigenous artist Louise Numina Napananka to create paintings she could turn into textiles for her designs and  a truly magnificent collection of  high quality couture has been the result. It has been a very successful collaboration.

WCEI National President and Artist Catherine Baudet.

Artist and WCEI member Katrina Goldsworthy

Pia du Pradal, Catherine MacMillan, Katrina Goldsworthy and Catherine Baudet