Little Book of Little Perfections

Lucy Laurita, a WCEI Victoria member, created something to lift us up.

‘This visually inspiring pop art book takes you along your own nostalgic journey. The heroic, universal figure of a woman will inspire a new level of connection within yourself and other women within your circle.’

The book is inspired by the evolution of the digital age and my observation that we are disengaging from personal connections. Social behaviours are shifting. We are losing the human touch; a simple compliment has become almost awkward.

‘Perfection’ has become a nasty word.

Is that because we are putting too much emphasis on your analysing what ‘perfection’ is?

Your analysing of what?

To me, I see perfection in the simplest form, a moment of the day that made me feel good.

Who’s to say what perfection is anymore and why?

Little Book of Little Perfections

I have created this little book to celebrate the little things that we do that are our perfections, not because we are told to, but because we feel it.

I hope to encourage us to share more compliments with each other as well as ourselves; to see beauty all around and to appreciate the little things that matter most.

Who will you lift up today?

I have been involved with many charitiable causes over the years, helping raise awareness and funds through various activities. This time I am proud to launch Little Book Of Little Perfections donating part proceeds of Book & Greeting card set sales to Mental Health Foundation Australia.

I am Lucy Laurita, what I love most about being a designer is that it allows me to have conversations and shine a light on others.

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