Inspiring women leaders

Our History

 Women Chiefs of Enterprises International (Australia) has its origins in France where ‘Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises’ (FCE) was founded in February 1945, by a French industrialist, Madame Yvonne Foinant. The Australian affiliate organisation (now WCEI) was formed in 1985 with a small group of founder members in Victoria. Now, 25 years later, WCEI Australia has branches in NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA, WA and QLD.

Chapter One
Introduction FCEM Parent Organisation
Chapter Two
(1985-1991) Victoria
Noel Waite, AO
Founder President
Chapter Three
(1991-1993) Queensland
Lorraine Martin AO
Chapter Four
(1993-1995) Victoria
Brenda Rossman, AM
Chapter Five
(1995-1997) Queensland
Janet Conrad, AM
Chapter Six
(1997-1999) South Australia
Noele Tolley, AM
ve Summary
Chapter Seven
(1999-2001) Victoria
Yvonne Von Hartel
Chapter Eight
(2001-2003) New South Wales
Ainsley Gotto
Chapter Nine
(2003-2005) Western Australia
Ros King
Chapter Ten
(2005-2007) Victoria
Katie Watkin
Chapter Eleven
(2007-2009) Queensland
Roz McAllan
Chapter Twelve
(2009-2011) Tasmania
Diane Tompson
Chapter Thirteen
(2011-2013) Aust. Capital Terrritory
Ondina Gregoric

Chapter Fourteen
(2013 - 2015) New South Wales
Julie Ankers