Stacey Copas

I help shift the way people perceive and respond to uncertainty, change and adversity, helping them to see opportunities where they once saw only obstacles.

The world is rapidly changing, people are having to do more with less, are more stressed and have less balance in their lives.

To be fulfilled and successful in embracing the changing world, it is essential to develop resilience to see and act on the opportunities that change presents.

I am the Author of “How To Be Resilient”, International Keynote Speaker and Facilitator on finding the opportunity in change and adversity.

I’ve worked with large organisations such as Telstra, Hewlett Packard and GM Holden and have been featured in national media including ABC, Financial Review and The Australian for my insights on resilience in the workplace.

What makes my approach different is I’m not an academic or psychologist. I’ve has created a framework of resilience based on the life experience of overcoming the adversity of becoming quadriplegic at 12 years old.

No acronyms, jargon or fluff!

My services are frequently used for: => Executive teams leading through change => Sales teams needing the resilience to deal with setbacks and rejections without losing momentum => Organisations or associations looking for a high impact way to kick off to a conference, retreat or staff planning day

To see how I can help improve your staff engagement and create a positive, high performance culture in challenging times book a call at