Maz Farrelly

Maz has been to more showbiz parties than Kim Kardashian’s Spanx and down more red carpets than a Dyson. If you can stick a name plate on it and hand it over to loud applause, she’s won it – BAFTAs, Logies, ASTRAS, Royal Television Society Awards, UK Comedy Awards, Bronze Rose De Montreux. She’s made the biggest shows in the world, with the biggest teams, budgets, audiences and stars. More than eight billion people worldwide have watched her output.

Why is this important?
Maz holds the key to unlock the most precious commodity on earth – ATTENTION. Once you have attention, the world is yours.

In TV and movies, if Maz doesn’t grab your attention in the first thirty seconds, you’re gone and you’re never coming back – millions of dollars wasted.
It’s the same in business. If your business doesn’t grab attention and keep it, it doesn’t matter if you have the best service, product or concept in the world – you can write but no one will read, you can speak but no one will listen and you can post video, but no one will watch. You have to cut through.
Maz does three things.

1. She helps you THINK DIFFERENTLY, about yourself and your business.
2. She helps you and your company JUST BE INTERESTING because, it is not your client’s job to be interested in you – it is your job to be interesting.
3. She then helps you turn those thoughts into STICKY INFORMATION – information that sticks in the minds of the people that matter to you, so you’re remembered for all the right reasons. When there is a conversation about your industry, they have to be talking about you.

Give your business The X Factor – Maz knows how – she made the show and won a Logie for it.