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WCEI International Representative Diane Tompson - Report

WCEI International Representative Diane Tompson - Report

International Report

December 2017

Many of us never really appreciate the global reach of female business owners until we have attended an FCEM Congress or IWEC forum where connectivity, increasing our knowledge of business and forming lasting relationships, are just a few of the advantages of attending these events.

By meeting our international counterparts, we learn to not only respect our colleagues from all corners of the world, but also to admire their prowess and competency as both business women and as human beings.

We learn that our challenges are miniscule compared to those women who have businesses in Syria, Lebanon and Libya and we collectively feel the pain of those who have lost livelihoods, family and friends.

It becomes quite clear that there is a huge discrepancy in the ease or conversely the difficulties of operating in different countries and regions, yet many aspects of our lives are the same. At international gatherings we come together to share our knowledge and solutions to our challenges and we return to our own countries enriched by our experiences. 

Recently I attended two conferences, the first in Seattle, the annual IWEC Conference which this year was held at the Microsoft Campus from 12-14th Nov, and the second being the FCEM 65th World Congress held in Rome from the 19-22nd Nov 2017.

Following is a short summary of both conferences.

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  • WCEI International Representative Diane Tompson - Report

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